INISEG is an specialized and academic space for graduated students, based in e-learning and innovatives methodologies.

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We are INISEG, the international global and security institute


The International Institute for Global Security Studies was born in 2017 with the aim of providing in the field of higher education an alternative focused on the area of Security and Defense, thus creating the only University Campus for Security and Defense in Spain. Its academic pillars are its innovative training offer and the great qualification of its teaching team. INISEG proposes a modern academic model that, supported by online methodology, is capable of providing global learning, with a marked practical and experiential component.

Director's words

Joao Lemos Esteves


America is the land of opportunities, because American is (and will be in the long years to come) the beacon of freedom; truly, the very last best hope on earth for all freemen and women who wish to turn their back against all forms of tyranny and oppression. Freedom is an end of itself; there is no other value above freedom. Without freedom there is no humanely human life; human dignity is just fully preserved and promoted under a political-constitutional design which is based upon liberty. Peace without liberty is nothing more than an oxymore – there is no possible peace under slavery.

Conversely, there is no liberty without security – the first and foremost role of the State is to guarantee the stability of social life so that every person may be able to set their talent and genius free for the benefit of the whole community.

And security is a tough matter which requires a deep and demanding education – as well as a pragmatic and in-touch with reality training. This is precisely the pledge of INISEG USA – to offer you the best education and training on national and international security so you, all our students, may be able to perpetuate this last best hope of freedom, peace and dignity for all on earth. To make sure that this will not be just a vague and inconsequential pledge to the American people, born and yet born. The challenges ahead of us to secure freedom and security for all, to defend the international order based on liberty, democracy and human rights – requires well academically equipped decision-makers.

INISEG USA offers you the path to fulfill your dream to make a real and decisive contribution to your community, to your country, to the world you aspire for you, for your family, for humanity. Our academic programs are comprehensive, including a wide range of subjects, guaranteeing that you are taught a holistic approach to international security: those who only know about security – does not know anything about security. Security is, first and foremost, a human issue – to be fully prepared to deal with security issues, you need to fully understand human nature and the human phonomenons.

INISEG USA will make the academic experience you have always dreamed about a living reality - we offer you online Master courses and a remarkable PhD program which includes an in-depth study of the most pressing problems of diplomacy, State Protocol, International Relations, Foreign Policy , International and National Security, Intelligence, Military History and Political Science of our days and that will shape the world of tomorrow.

Furthermore, you will have the opportunity of engaging in unmatched experiences of presential teaching and on-the-ground training so that you become the very best on the field of Security Studies.

Studying at INISEG USA means you are studying in an international institution, a global reference on the Security field, with a strong presence in different points of the world, from Europe to America, from Africa to the Middle East.

All our academic programs are taught by an extremely remarkable group of renowned professors, most of them with a vast experience on the field solving problems and making our world safer.

At INISEG USA, we have all you need to make your academic experience memorable and make your wildest dreams for your life, for your family, for your great(est) United States of America come to fruition. Now, there is only one thing missing to start this great academic journey: YOU!

What are you waiting for joining INISEG USA, where you will learn how to become a true defender of freedom, democracy, rule of law and long-lasting peace? See you pretty soon!



INISEG methodology

We propose a specialized academic space resulting from combining dissemination and new digital formats. Our objective is to go beyond the included syllabi that offer content capable of covering all the specialties of the area in a concrete and individual way, accessible both to students and to all those interested in the area of security.

Face to face classes

Formative complement

Content discussed in depth

Specialized professors staff

In pursuit of excellence

Document center

Support and multiple formats

Security area catalogue

Digital events

Importance and current topics

Highly qualified staff

Media content format

Virtual Classrooms

E-learning platform 24-7

Media content resources: videoconferences, locutions, dorums...

Personalized followups for all students by mentors

Hightly experienced professors staff

Mission, Value and


Our mission is to train professionals of the future, responding to the training or specialization needs demanded by the market at all times to expand the technical profile of professionals and their job competitiveness.


We base our activity on innovation, fostering the entrepreneurial spirit. We not only pass on knowledge, but we want to instill professional skills in our students so that they can get the most out of them as experts.


At INISEG we believe that it is important to teach concepts but even more so how they are learned. Therefore, we offer quality information based on its practical application and being as dynamic as possible so that it is an effective and entertaining learning.

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